Introduction to Hydrogen Gas Analysers

There are quite a few analysers on the market today that serve as hydrogen gas analysers.  However one of the most common and most used ones are the ones manufactured by Environment One.  Environment One’s hydrogen gas analyser is a highly customised method of hydrogen gas monitoring.

The Environment One Hydrogen Gas Analyser

Environment One’s gas analyser is a customised approach to monitoring hydrogen gas for electric power generators.  Some of the features are ones such as microprocessor-based electronics, triple range sensors, a flameproof intrinsically design that is safe and custom design options.  You can use this as a stand-alone analyser or you can use it as part of larger system.

Efficiency of a Hydrogen Gas Analyser

Modern, very high capacity turbine generators will utilise the hydrogen gas into a cooling medium since it has excellent heat transfer abilities and also because of its low density results in windage losses.  Even very tiny amounts of hydrogen purity can cause increases in overall generator operating costs.  The cooling gas during normal operation is always looked at to make sure that all of the levels are at the correct level and operate in the best way possible.


Hydrogen is very explosive and therefore very dangerous.  For this reason making sure that gas purity and safety go together is a very important thing to consider.  This will also make sure that the levels are always monitored to make sure that the safety levels are as they should be to ensure that it is always safe.


The hydrogen gas analyser will also monitor the purity of the hydrogen during its operation, the amount of hydrogen in the CO2 while in the initial phase of purging, and the amount of CO2 that is in the air in the final stage of the purge process.  The analyser has a triple range sensor making it so that you will no longer need any more devices.


The analyser is fire proof; it has a very safe design that will make sure that the sensor/analyser and control modules are within the fire proof encasing.  Having a display panel mounted on an EMC enclosure with an optional gas flow indicator with metering valve, makes this device one of the safest there are.

Hydrogen Gas Analyser System Electronics

Hydrogen gas analysers also have a micro controller to make sure that all of the purity monitoring, calibration, sensor unit control, mode selection, alarm contacts, system inputs, and all other aspects are monitored and working correctly.

If you aren’t sure which hydrogen gas analyser model is the right one for you then we would highly recommend researching it before you make any decision.  As stated before the Environment One hydrogen gas analyser is the most popular and effective device on the market to date.  Once you do some researching and comparing you will find that you can’t beat the quality, the features, and the safety of this specific hydrogen gas analyser.

Hydrogen Gas Analyser