Introduction to Test for Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen is a common chemical found in our environment, in fact it is the most common element found. It is basically found in almost all things from the water we drink to the sun and stars and even people are made up of a lot of hydrogen. While the benefits of hydrogen have been known for a long time, hydrogen gas has recently been considered an alternative energy source that is showing some great success.

Hydrogen gas itself is not found in our atmosphere because it is lighter than air which would make it rise higher than our air.  This has not stopped us from creating methods that allow us to process hydrogen gas ourselves from the sources of hydrogen we do have available.  This process is done through the process of electrolysis and uses a generator to isolate the hydrogen element so that is will be converted into a gas form.  For example, when water is used in the process the hydrogen elements are separated from the oxygen elements.  After the hydrogen gas is separated, it is then stored until it is needed.

The hydrogen gas is released when needed and used as a fuel source.  This hydrogen gas is a popular choice because it is good to the environment by reducing emissions and greenhouse effects.  Hydrogen gas is seeing great success when being used with gasoline for vehicles.  It allows the gas to burn much more efficiently and increases the mile per gallon the vehicle can use.  This gives you cheaper rates at the pump.

Testing Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen gas is colourless, odourless and tasteless which makes detecting it in the air very difficult to do.  Under the right conditions hydrogen can be highly combustible and very dangerous.  This combination makes the need to test for hydrogen gas in the air a vital part of using hydrogen gas.  It is important for your safety to know as soon as possible that hydrogen is in the air so you will be able to protect yourself from a potentially dangerous situation.

The best way for you to test for hydrogen gas is to use hydrogen gas detectors that will be able to quickly alert you to the hydrogen leak.  These detectors are made with sensors in them that will be able to pick up the hydrogen gas particles as soon as they enter the air.  This will enable you to control the leak before it causes any damage.  Hydrogen gas detectors are sold in a variety of types and styles and are readily available for purchase.

Although this is not the preferred method, you may also test for hydrogen gas with a test tube and a splint.  The end of the splint needs to be lit and allowed to burn until it is glowing.  At that point, it can be put into a test tube that is filled with the air you would like to test.  Once the air and the glowing splint are combined, you will hearing a crackling sign if there is hydrogen present in the air.  This would be only a one time test for hydrogen gas and will not provide you with the protection that a hydrogen gas detector would.


Test for Hydrogen Gas