Introduction to Hydrogen Gas FAQs

Most people have heard of hydrogen and some people understand what it is and the importance that it serves for us. Many people remain clueless on how to use it, why to use it or how to store it. Most people have many questions regarding hydrogen gas so here are some of the most common hydrogen gas FAQs and their answers.

What are the Sources of Hydrogen Gas?

Hydrogen gas is a very light gas that can easily combine with other atoms to form compounds and then create other things.  Hydrogen can be extracted from these things that it can help create such as water, propane, natural gas, petroleum and coal amongst many other things.  This takes energy and work but this is where most of our hydrogen comes from.

If We Need to Get Hydrogen and Water is the only Source is that Enough?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a bit more complicated.  If it is used with the technology that is a fuel cell then all of the by products are water and heat.  This means that the water that was used to create the hydrogen will be reconstituted into water through the production of electricity into a fuel cell.  This means that while we are using water we are never actually losing any water, thus water being the only source for hydrogen is more than enough.

Do We Need a Lot of Energy to Create Hydrogen?

No matter what we are creating from raw materials it will take energy, the question is how much.  In order to produce hydrogen with the current technologies it will require more energy that producing gasoline.  This is not to say that all studies have proven that producing hydrogen is much more favourable.  Because any hydrogen that is used in fuel cells is more efficient than gasoline, the comparisons become a bit more even.  Just because something takes more energy to create it doesn’t mean that you won’t be better off.

Where Should I buy Hydrogen Gas?

This depends on your location and whether you need hydrogen gas for personal or commercial use.  The best way to find suppliers close by to you is by either looking in the yellow pages or looking on the internet.  Results will vary based on location and keep in mind that permits are required when purchasing the gas.

How Should I Store Hydrogen Gas?

In order for you to be able to get and store hydrogen gas you need to make sure that you have a cylinder that is in good shape and safe to use for hydrogen.  You need to make sure that there are no cracks and that you know how to work the regulator in its proper way.  There are entire books, manuals and safety warnings on this topic.  These are issued to help ensure that people remain safe while dealing with this gas since it is highly flammable and can easily become dangerous.


Hydrogen Gas FAQs