Introduction to Hydrogen Gas Generators

Hydrogen gas is odourless, colourless and tasteless but is extremely powerful and in the right setting is it highly combustible.  In recent years, the potential use of hydrogen as a fuel source has been well researched.  This gas is becoming more popular as an alternative energy source as more products are becoming available.  The use of hydrogen gas is becoming more efficient and the set-up costs are decreasing.  The conversion of hydrogen into a gas form is easily done by the use of a hydrogen gas generator.

Types of Hydrogen Gas Generators

Hydrogen gas generators are used to separate the hydrogen from its liquid compound, usually ammonia or water, and convert it into a gas vapour.  This vapour is then captured and stored into a holding tank until it is needed.  These hydrogen gas generators are usually safe to use, reliable and practical.  There are two basic types of hydrogen gas generators including the ammonia cracking hydrogen generator and the water electrolysis hydrogen generator.

The ammonia cracking hydrogen generator uses liquid ammonia which is seventy-five percent hydrogen and twenty-five percent nitrogen.  The hydrogen gas generator is used to separate the hydrogen and nitrogen to allow the hydrogen gas to be collected.  This hydrogen gas is further processed to allow for better purification of the gas.  These generators are the larger of the two and are most commonly used for industrial use in heat treatment furnaces.

The water electrolysis hydrogen generator uses water which is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  During this process, the hydrogen gas generator is able to separate the hydrogen and oxygen so that the hydrogen can be caught and stored while the oxygen is released into the air.  In some cases, an extra purifier is added to make the final gas produced purer.  These generators are more compact in size and offer a wider range of uses.  The most common use is to power vehicles as an alternative to gasoline.

Benefits and Purchasing

There are many benefits that come from using a hydrogen gas generator and among the top of the list is that it is safe for the environment.  It helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the air and when used for your vehicle is can greatly reduce your emissions.  Hydrogen gas is also cheaper to make than the more traditional gases and with the abundant natural resource of water available it can reduce our dependency on other countries.

There are many hydrogen gas generators on the market today.  They range in size from large industrial generators to small compact generators that can be used with your vehicles.  They are sold in select stores, online and there are even do-it-yourself kits where you can make one yourself.  Before buying one be sure do to your homework and know which size and style you need.  If purchasing a generator for your car, the most important thing to consider is your warranty.  If your car is still under warranty, you will want to make sure if you add a hydrogen gas generator to your car you won’t lose your warranty.

Hydrogen Gas Generators